Here at Richard Green trucking we pride ourselves in on time delivery and making sure products arrive at the desired temperature.  We’ve been hauling milk for close to 40 years from the local COOP to all parts of US, including a contract with Ben and Jerry’s in the late 80’s through the 90’s that brought milk and cream to Fort Wayne, IN from VT.

Having been in the refrigerated goods business for 30 years we can serve your every need for temperature controlled freight.  We haul everything from ice cream at -20 F to chocolate at 55 F.  We are able to maintain all temperatures required.  Our fleet of 32 refer trailers are all 2005 newer with 8 2009 through 2011.  The refrigeration units are Thermo King SB400 and SB310+.  All refer units are purchased new so every hour on the unit is by us eliminating the unknown of buying used equipment.  You can rest easy knowing your product is being hauled by one of our trucks.

A local plastic company keeps 1 truck busy hauling bulk plastic to both the United States and Canada which is use to make all products from windows to helmets.