Richard Green Sr. started trucking in the 1940's with one truck hauling cans of milk from local farms to creameries.  In 1950 Richard purchased a single axel tractor and a 30 foot cattle trailer.  He continued hauling cattle, hay, sawdust and anything that anyone would want including Christmas trees to Florida and bringing back oranges to Vermont.  In the 1970's Richard's two sons Larry and Richard Jr. began trucking, each with one truck, hauling everything from fruit and produce to windmills all over the US.  In 1984 Richard, Larry and Richard Jr. incorporated calling the business Richard I Green INC.  From there the business started to grow with contracts to haul cream and milk from the St Albans Coop and a deal to haul ice cream with a new company named Ben & Jerry's.  The business really started to flourish and soon there were 25 trucks and 30 employees.  In 1989 a new truck shop was built on the site of the Green family farm and is still in use today.  All the time family members worked for the business including Becky Demar, Richard's daughter, and Ann Green, Richard Jr’s wife who both work in the office.  Richard Sr., Larry, Richard Jr., and brother in law Bobby Duffy all have drove truck or worked in the office and shop.  This continued until around 2005 when Richard Jr. and Ann's son Brian Green started taking over the day to day operations of the business.  At this point we have 30 trucks and 50 employees.